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My affirmations for Jason

I was sitting at work tonight and thought that I would take a shot at my affirmations for Jason. Ones for him to come home soon (at least on leave) and the other one is for me to help keep me strong for whenever he's away. Let me know what you think and if you want to make any suggestions on them to maybe make them a little more better and efficiant, please by all means, let me know. Thanks girls!

For Jason to come home (at least on leave):
Keep my Sailor safe. Keep my Sailor strong. Keep my Sailor motivated to come home.

To help me become stronger while Jasons away:
Give me the strength through this day and help me grow stronger each and everyday while Jason and I are apart.

Let me know what you girls think!

A Sailors Princess
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An affirmation is a statement that says how it is (what you want it to be, but in reality it will become what actually is if you keep stating it that way) (did that make sense? LOL)... what you've written is very close, but if I may suggest slightly different wording...

For Jason:
My Sailor is safe. My Sailor is strong. My Sailor is motivated to come home to me.

For yourself:
I am strong today though Jason and I are apart. Every day I grow stronger as an individual in order to make us a stronger couple.

But that's just how I would word it... you can change it up a little more if you so choose, just make sure that you state it as you want it to be.

Any questions just call me sweetie!

Love & Light,
I dont think I want to change them. I LOVE THEM!! I actually started crying when I read them. :)

Thanks SO much!

A Sailors Princess
And now, what I'll write in my journal every day and say aloud every day is:

For Jason:
Jason is safe. Jason is strong. Jason is motivated to come home to see Erika.

For you:
Erika is strong today though she and Jason are apart. Every day Erika grows stronger as an individual in order to make them a stronger couple.

There you have it... now, if you would be so kind... you can repost your affirmations in the community so Boo and your friend Vix know how to help you manifest what you desire... post the ones you'll be using as well as the one's I'll be using because those are the affirmations they will need to use on your behalf (and Jason's)...

Okay, it's way to late right now... I need to get some sleep before the 24 starts...

Happy Manifesting,