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Small reminder for all of us...

When it comes to manifesting what we desire in our lives (and as we work on masterminding together), we have to hold on to the vision of what we desire... we have to see ourselves in that moment and believe with all our hearts (clap if you believe in Tinkerbell!) that it will be as we so desire... Visualisation isn't always easy, but it's so effective when you keep at it and truly believe in what you are doing... not only for ourselves, but now also for each other... here are two quick little quotes to help you stay strong in what we are doing (both are from Journalution):

"Now write a sentence in your journal about what you want to have happen in your life, and have your friend write your sentence in his or her journal. Agree to look at these sentences each day and visualize the events happening. When you do so, take a deep breath and feel, in your body, what the experience will be like when these goals have been accomplished. You and your friend might even write the sentences in your journals each day and look at them several times.

            When you exchange mastermind visions with at least one other person, you open yourself to the magic in the universe. You may find that, as you read your passionate sentence each day, it takes on more life. It may even change or become more specific. Rewrite your sentence as it changes, and let the vision keep growing in your mind and in your heart."

"There is good news and bad news.  The good news is that whatever you really, really, really want, you will get.  The bad news is that whatever you really, really, really don't want, you will also get because that is what you are thinking about all the time." ~ Dr. Wayne Dyer

Keep that last quote in mind the most as you visualize what you desire as well as when you are visualizing for one another here...
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