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My First Manifestation of '07

Ok girls,

Like you all know, I wanted to think of how I can speed up time for when I can see Jason next and then Chrissi gave me a great idea about how I can become stronger as Jason and I are apart. I thought about two affirmations and even though I was kinda getting the point, Chrissi helped me out and came up with better ones. Thanks hun!

Here's what I'm going to be saying:

For Jason:
My Sailor is safe. My Sailor is strong. My Sailor os motivated to come home to me.

For myself:
I am strong today though Jason and I are apart. Everyday I grow stronger as an individual in order to make us a strong couple.

If you guys don't mind helping me out with this, I would GREATLY appriciate it! I miss him SO much and I REALLY want to see him and I want to be as strong as he is while we're apart.

Here's what you guys can say (if you don't mind): Thanks to Chrissi!  :)

For Jason:
Jason is safe. Jason is strong. Jason is motivated  to come home to see Erika.

For me:
Erika is strong today though she and Jason are apart. Everyday Erika grows stronger as an individual in order to make them a stornger couple.

Thanks for all your help girls and I hope this works!  :)  Thanks again to Chrissi for helping me out!  :)

A Sailors Princess
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