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2007 - Nothing But Heaven [entries|friends|calendar]
2007 - Nothing But Heaven

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3 Times The Charm - 3.1 (my third try at the 100 Day Challenge) [10 Dec 2007|12:50pm]

[ mood | ecstatic ]

I have finally finished The 100 Day Challenge!! I am so proud of myself!!  This is what I wrote in my journal the other day:

The 100 Day Challenge version 3.1 is complete! I am so proud of myself for sticking with it this time.  The previous two attempts, I never even made it to Day 50, and now, for the "3 Times The Charm - 3.1", I've made it all the way to Day 100!!! Woo-Hoo!!!

I didn't do as well on paper as I felt I did within my heart and soul.  Out of the 100 Days, I actively tracked on ly 32 Days in this journal and on my calendar.  I know I had more days where I wasn't able to journal here, but I said my Intention for the Day and Affirmation to myself, I just never marked it down.

So many wonderful things have happened over the last 100 Days.  I know I could noticably feel the difference in myself when I didn't get to journal for extended periods of time.  I could feel my balance shifting - and not for the better!  But each time I sat down and did this (even days I made msyelf do it when I really didn't want to) I could feel the difference in my mood as I would feel myself becoming more centered.  What a wonderful, blessed feeling that is.  I am so grateful for my writing and my journaling.  I may have "only" done 32 Days, but that's 32 Days more than ever before! That's 32 Days I have truely given to myself and I am a better person for it!

Now, at this point I have chosen a one week grace period between my Challenges.  3 Times The Charm - 3.2 will officially begin on Friday, December 14, 2007.  It will continue until Saturday, March 22, 2008.  It's the day after a full moon too. :-)  But, 3TTC - 3.3 will then begin on Saturday, March 29, 2008 during a waning moon.  I will most likely plan a spell for that day because this will be the final leg before my birthday.  3.3 will finish Sunday, July 6, 2008 just a few days after a new moon.  A spell that day would be good as well.

What I need to create is a name for the round that I would begin Sunday, July 13, 2008.  This is the one that will take me to my 30th Birthday.  It will begin the week of a full moon, then, my birthday actually happens on the day of a new moon!!  How beautiful is that!!!  A huge new era of my life beginning on a new moon.  How magickally, thrillingly wonderful.  I look forward to the spell I'll be crafting for that day.  I am looking forward to it so much.  I'm not afraid of turning 30 at all.  I am finally learning to love myself for Who I Am!  That is such a blessed feeling!  It's taken me 30 years, but I really am learning to love myself.  And I know that will ripple into me being a better friend, better wife, better mother.  And my boys deserve that of me.  I Love Them All! <3

Where was I? Oh, right: my one week grace period between each Challenge... I will do whatever I choose to do during this week.  If I journal, I journal; if I only write in my day-to-day journal that's okay too.  This is my week to Celebrate my completion and prep for the next Challenge.

I look forward to improving even more during 3TTC - 3.2.  Life is really good right now.  This year's slogan of 2007 - Nothing But Heaven still came true, though perhaps not how I originally thought or planned.  But I really think this year was Heaven.  You just have to know how to look back at it.  But it's there.  :-)  Now for 2009.  All I have is Life Is Great In 2008!  I'm wondering if I can find a different rhyme, but if not, it will work. :-)

Well, I would love to keep going, but both boys are awake and it's time to get them ready to go see Santa very soon.  Will is greatly looking forward to it. :-)

Here's to me!  I Love MySelf!  Congratulations to me!!! Onward & Upward from here!! Magickal Manifesting!!!


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Deployment SUCKS! [15 May 2007|03:35pm]

[ mood | depressed ]

"I think he went 2 Barhain 4 six months over by Iraq."

   Thats the last message I got from one of Jasons friends that used to work with him. I keep on rereading it over and over again. I can't stop reading it! I can't breathe and my chest feels SUPER heavy! I can't stop shaking and I have goosebumps all over! I'm so pissed at him, but yet I'm so proud of him! I wish that he wouldv'e told me if he did, but then I'm thinking back to when him and I last talked and he sent me his picture from his friends phone, that that was another sign (along with all the nightmares I've been having.) Ow, my chest really hurts! All I know is that if I don't see Jason come online later this week or next month, I KNOW that what his friend is saying, is true. He's never gone this long without coming online. Please keep Jason and I in your prayers and I will do the same for each and every one of you. If anyone has any words of encouragement for me, right about now would be great. Thanks! I love you all! Together we are strong!

That was the post that I put on my MySpace. I REALLY need your help on this one girls! Jason is my everything and I won't be happy until he comes back home. I LOVE HIM WITH ALL MY HEART! Please help me and send me some strength to help me get through this FIRST deployment together and keep us in your prayers.

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I don't know what to do [02 May 2007|10:20pm]

[ mood | confused ]

   I really don't know what to do right now. In one our conversations a while back, Jason told me that he feels bad that I'm waiting for him (meaning not dating or anything), but then he told me that he was happy that I am.  I'm kind of confused it's not even funny. I started another MySpace profile for a temprary thing and see what happens IF I start talking to other guys. I'm going to delete it after I talk to Jason more about this. I already met this one guy and got his number and I kinda like one of our Beer guys at the liquor store I work at. It's like now that Jason gave me the "freedom" and his permission, I can kinda start dating other guys. I LOVE Jason with ALL my heart and he is basically my EVERYTHING, but I don't like what he told me because it sometimes gives me the idea that he doesn't want us to go further when he gets back home. But on the other hand, I know how much he cares about me and loves me and feels the same way toward me than I do towards him. Not talking to him for  like three months isn't helping either. I miss Jason SOOO much and I hope nothing but the best for us! *Sighs* I don't know what I want to do right now!

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Much Needed Words of Encouragement [12 Apr 2007|02:59pm]

[ mood | depressed ]

   Ok for some odd reason, I got hit like a ton of bricks with depression again.  I seriously think that I have a problem and don't know if I should see a doctor for it. Having Jason away from me and not seeing him for the longest period of time right now (almost a year now), I go into depress mode from 0 to 30 seconds for no reason at all. Like this morning, I woke up and gave my Sailor bear a HUGE hug and thought, "somewhere out there, theres a United States Navy PO3 Sailor that loves me and I love him with every beat of my heart and wouldn't change it for anything in the world." Now ever since 1pm today I find myself crying my eyes out because I can't stand being away from Jason and not being able to talk to him. I text messaged my friend, Vicky, and told her that depression hit me full force again. Here's what our little convo went:

Me: Ok MAJOR depress mode coming in
Vicky: Why?
Me: I dont know. Its just hitting me.
Vicky: Your fine. Dont worry. He loves you. Theres no reason to worry!
Me: I know but it kills me that I havent seen him in almost a year and that hes trying to come home but thier giving him shit about it.
Vicky: Well the point is, hes trying to come home. He would do anything to be with you right now.
Me: : ... (

   After that I got a comment on my MySpace from another Navy Girlfriend telling me that its hard to do what we do and not a lot of girls know how hard it is. That made me cry even more because I know exactly where she was coming from. Sometimes it feels like we're the strongest women in the world because we put up with a lot and each and everyday we stand by our men not knowing what the next day is going to bring us. It's funny because I think you can actually see that I haven't been getting too much good nights rest since I've seen Jason last because you can see the dark circles under my eyes and one of my managers told me that yesterday at work. I slept so well when Jason was home, asleep next to me in my bed with me in his arms. I miss that so much! I know he doesn't want me to be all sad and crying, but when the person that you love so much is away from you for SO LONG, it's hard not to. I know that when I do see him again for the first time, I'm going to cry my eyes out and that will be the first time he'll see me cry. I'm in a nervous wreck right now and all I want to do is crawl into a deep hole and stay there until Jason comes home.

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Small reminder for all of us... [18 Feb 2007|10:40am]

[ mood | creative ]

When it comes to manifesting what we desire in our lives (and as we work on masterminding together), we have to hold on to the vision of what we desire... we have to see ourselves in that moment and believe with all our hearts (clap if you believe in Tinkerbell!) that it will be as we so desire... Visualisation isn't always easy, but it's so effective when you keep at it and truly believe in what you are doing... not only for ourselves, but now also for each other... here are two quick little quotes to help you stay strong in what we are doing (both are from Journalution):

"Now write a sentence in your journal about what you want to have happen in your life, and have your friend write your sentence in his or her journal. Agree to look at these sentences each day and visualize the events happening. When you do so, take a deep breath and feel, in your body, what the experience will be like when these goals have been accomplished. You and your friend might even write the sentences in your journals each day and look at them several times.

            When you exchange mastermind visions with at least one other person, you open yourself to the magic in the universe. You may find that, as you read your passionate sentence each day, it takes on more life. It may even change or become more specific. Rewrite your sentence as it changes, and let the vision keep growing in your mind and in your heart."

"There is good news and bad news.  The good news is that whatever you really, really, really want, you will get.  The bad news is that whatever you really, really, really don't want, you will also get because that is what you are thinking about all the time." ~ Dr. Wayne Dyer

Keep that last quote in mind the most as you visualize what you desire as well as when you are visualizing for one another here...

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Gratitude Journalution (This one's for Erika) [18 Feb 2007|10:03am]

[ mood | good ]

From Journalution by Sandy Grason... Chapter 7, the section on Gratitude (pgs. 144-147)... Enjoy!

When you slow down long enough to notice the details around you, you will be awed by the beauty and abundance in the world.  This is a good time to express your thankfulness for all that you have and all that you are going to create in your life.  Keeping a Gratitude Journal is nothing more than writing down a few things each day that you are grateful for, yet this practice holds magical powers.

Here's a way to change your perspective faster than anything you've ever seen.  Keep a journal on your nightstand.  Each night before nodding off, write the numbers one through five vertically on a page, then fill in the blanks with things you're grateful for.  You will begin to look for things throughout your day to write down.  This practice shifts your focus away from what is wrong in life to what is right and beautiful and kind in the world.

Another way to do this is to keep a journal in the kitchen and jot down a few things from the day before as you sip your first cup of coffee in the morning.  This is a lovely ritual for beginning your day on a positive note.  I guarantee that if you set your alarm for ten minutes early and do this, you will have a better day.

You can also carry a pocket journal around with you, small enough to fit into a purse, briefcase, or jacket pocket.  As you go through your day, jot down inspirations and wonderful things as they happen:  the children waving from the car next to you in traffic, the smell of freshly baked bread as you pass the bakery on the way to work, the newly paved expressway, the fact that your car started this morning, looking up from your work and discovering it's almost time to go home.

Once you get going, gratitude will overflow from your journal because there are always so many things to be grateful for.  Therein lies the magic of expressing gratitude in your journal.  It connects you to a state of appreciation that spills over into everything you do and experience.  It inspires you to view your life from a state of grace, rather than a state of lack.

Nancy, a workshop participant and a mother of three, told me that she usually journals when she's angry or upset; most of her journal entries "probably leave me looking like quite a mess, with out-of-control kids and a crappy husband."  But Nancy's journal began to look different when she started writing down what she was grateful for:

"I am sitting here tonight, and my babies are sleeping peacefully.  The windows are open and the breeze is blowing the cutains, and I feel like the luckiest person alive. They are so precious, like little angels, turly. I yelled to much today.  Poor Hannah, she's been such a little terror.  I look at her sleeping, and all that other stuff just melts away.  I am so blessed.  - So tonight here's what I am thankful for: my children sleeping sweetly while I have a moment to myself, cool winter nights and breezy curtains, my handyman husband, spaghetti dinners 'cause they're so easy, and my mom who made me laugh today with her goofy self."

When you use gratitude in your journals, your heart will gradually open to the world around you.  This will also help you connect you with your creativity, and eventually with your intuition and inner wisdom.

Try This - Seven Minutes In Heaven

Take the next seven minutes and write down at least seven things you feel grateful for.  It will shift your mood immediately.  Now see if you can keep this up for seven days.  It doesn't matter when you do this - morning, noon, or night.  Just try for seven days to gather seven things to write down.  It's only seven days; if you miss a day, just keep going.  Start right there in the moment when you notice something you're grateful for, and jot it down. Right that second! Don't beat yourself up for forgetting to write sooner; just move forward with your gratitude.  You can write, "I'm so grateful I remembered to do this," and keep going with your day.

Some days it may feel like the only thing to be grateful for is that the day is over.  That's okay, too.  It won't be long before you notice the shifts - a slight feeling of lightness as you wake up, a bounce in your step, smiling at strangers.  These are some of the little ways in which gratitude can seep into your day.  There is no wrong way to do this.  Just have fun, make it a game, and see what happens.

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100 Day Challenge - Day 1 [17 Feb 2007|07:50pm]

[ mood | creative ]

So, today is Day 1 of C-COR 100 Day Challenge.  I've decided that the practices I want to put into motion are:

Reading (something that forwards your commitment and/or inspires you)
Creating an Intention for the Day
Mastermind Group/Brainstorming
Dream Board/Treasure Map
Affirmations, Words of Power, Declarations
Make Powerful and Unreasonable Requests
Powerful Declarations and Requests
Rule of 5: Five daily actions steps to forward your goal and list five daily successess you enjoyed
Exercise, Fitness, Gym

I have already put into motion the Mastermind Group/Brainstorming with some of my friends in this community.  We've decided that Nothing But Heaven will happen for us in 2007.  That in and of itself is a powerful declaration!

Journaling is something I've been working on doing more of anyway, so this just gives me more motivation to do so.  I'm proud of myself for how well I've kept my Gratitude Journal over the past few months.  It's been wonderful to look back on all the good things that have happened in my life. :-)

Each of the practices I've chosen should work very well with one another... which is why I chose them!

I've already thought of a goal for myself as well in order to put into motion the Rule of 5... I have set the goal of writing one story every month... it doesn't matter what type of story (ie mystery, romance, non-fiction, etc), just one story each month.  This will motivate me to write and keep my creativity flowing. And I already have my first story set: a Writer's Digest contest that the deadline is March 31st.  It's a 500 word essay on parenting and writing.  That is my first story...

I am a talented and creative writer.  I am going to be published in Writer's Digest as the winning entry.

There is my affirmation, my powerful declaration and request to the universe!  It will come true!  So Mote It Be!

Happy Manifesting Everyone!

My affirmation:
I am a talented and creative writer.  I am going to be pubished in Writer's Digest as the winning entry for the "Writer Mama Contest".

What you can say on my behalf:
Christina is a talented and creative writer.  She is going to be published in Writer's Digest as the winning entry for the "Writer Mama Contest".

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My First Manifestation of '07 [17 Feb 2007|05:03pm]

[ mood | determined ]

Ok girls,

Like you all know, I wanted to think of how I can speed up time for when I can see Jason next and then Chrissi gave me a great idea about how I can become stronger as Jason and I are apart. I thought about two affirmations and even though I was kinda getting the point, Chrissi helped me out and came up with better ones. Thanks hun!

Here's what I'm going to be saying:

For Jason:
My Sailor is safe. My Sailor is strong. My Sailor os motivated to come home to me.

For myself:
I am strong today though Jason and I are apart. Everyday I grow stronger as an individual in order to make us a strong couple.

If you guys don't mind helping me out with this, I would GREATLY appriciate it! I miss him SO much and I REALLY want to see him and I want to be as strong as he is while we're apart.

Here's what you guys can say (if you don't mind): Thanks to Chrissi!  :)

For Jason:
Jason is safe. Jason is strong. Jason is motivated  to come home to see Erika.

For me:
Erika is strong today though she and Jason are apart. Everyday Erika grows stronger as an individual in order to make them a stornger couple.

Thanks for all your help girls and I hope this works!  :)  Thanks again to Chrissi for helping me out!  :)

A Sailors Princess

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Co-Creating Our Reality - 100 Day Challenge [16 Feb 2007|03:15pm]

[ mood | creative ]

Tomorrow the 100 Day Challenge from Co-Creating Our Reality begins!  It goes hand in hand with what we're doing here... big suprise considering Sandy is ine of the three that created C-COR!! LOL  If you want to learn more and/or take part, visit the site at

Happy Manifesting!!

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My affirmations for Jason [14 Feb 2007|11:17pm]

[ mood | contemplative ]

I was sitting at work tonight and thought that I would take a shot at my affirmations for Jason. Ones for him to come home soon (at least on leave) and the other one is for me to help keep me strong for whenever he's away. Let me know what you think and if you want to make any suggestions on them to maybe make them a little more better and efficiant, please by all means, let me know. Thanks girls!

For Jason to come home (at least on leave):
Keep my Sailor safe. Keep my Sailor strong. Keep my Sailor motivated to come home.

To help me become stronger while Jasons away:
Give me the strength through this day and help me grow stronger each and everyday while Jason and I are apart.

Let me know what you girls think!

A Sailors Princess

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My First Manifestation of 2007 [13 Feb 2007|01:43pm]

[ mood | pleased ]

So, for awhile I was using this affirmation for my Hubby: Hubby is happy to have a job that is emotionally and financially rewarding, fun, inspiring and helpful to others in the community.  And if it sounds familiar, it should, I took it straight from one of the pages of Journalution and just changed the name at the beginning.  So anyway...

I've been using it as often as I can since just before Wy was born and it manifested last Monday in a way I never knew about but Hubby did... Chief helped arrange for Hubby to be a sub-contractor for the Village at $18/hour 2-3 days of the week.  He'll be working at the PD from what I understand helping work on the squad cars.  Hubby knew that this position was a possibility, but I did not... so needless to say I am pleased. 

We don't have a start date for him yet, but I know he'll be starting soon... and we are also waiting to hear back from another application he put in to work for the dispatching company our Department uses... we should be hearing from them soon because they were highly impressed with Hubby...  so I will continue to use the affirmation above till we do hear from them...  If you can also use it on his behalf I would appreciate the extra boost!! :-)  Thanks Girls :-)

So, there's my first manifestation of 2007 and let me tell you... it feels good to see Hubby getting what he deserves... It'll be interesting when I manifest my next job as soon as I'm cleared to work again... I'll be using the same affirmation for myself too...

So what about you girls?? Have you done anything yet?? Do you have an affirmation for me to use on your behalf??  Just let me know and I'll be happy to help... that was the idea of Heaven In 2007!!

Love you girls!!!!


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